3) anyone who smokes in the carriages will be fined.
  • 试题题型【写作 Section A】
You should write your responses to both Part A and Part B of this section on ANSWER SHEET 2.
Please write a notice entitled "No Smoking" to put on the carriages of a train. You should use about 100 words. It may include the following points:
1 ) no smoking in the carriages. Smoking is only permitted in the Smoking Area.
2) smoking is not only bad for smokers' health but also bad for people around them.
3) anyone who smokes in the carriages will be fined.
  • 参考答案:NO SMOKING
    It is hereby to caution that smoking is strictly prohibited on this train except in the smoking section.
    Smoking is dangerous to your health. It may cause lung cancer and other diseases associated with the respiratory system. Smoking may also imperil the health of other passengers. In view of the health of all passengers, we urge that you abide by the stipulation. Save yourself and you save others.
    Violation of the regulation is subject to a fine of 50 to 100 yuan.